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Fitness Myths – Exercise and Workout Tips to Help Reach Your Next Goal

The information provided herein is for educational purposes only and is not intended to be construed as medical advice or to replace professional medical care. You should always seek the advice of a medical professional before starting any new medication or dietary supplement, as well as when starting new exercise regimens.

When you envision accomplishing your fitness goals — finishing that race, completing that last rep, mastering that pose — what stands out? The music you’ll be listening to, your workout gear, who’s there supporting you? In your successes, and especially in fitness, it’s the visualization and preparation that provides an edge.

Physically and mentally, you put yourself in a position to succeed. That growth and preparation continues as you aim for higher goals. To support your journey, here are five fitness myths and exercise tips to help reach your next goal.

  1. Myth: Targeted efforts lead to desired results
    Fact: Cutting down on some of that belly fat takes more than just crunches. It can be easy to focus on a specific area or muscle you want to see improvement on, but it’s important to think of your body’s fitness holistically. Those desired results will come through a well-rounded effort, from diet to cardio to strength training.1
  2. Myth: Stretch before workouts
    Fact: Static stretching can weaken muscles and potentially do more harm than good. Work stretching in after the muscles have been warmed up. Don’t stop there, it’s also beneficial to stretch after your workout as well.
  3. Myth: Weight lifting leads to bulk
    Fact: A routine of solely cardio can lead to the loss of muscle tone and strength. Strength training with weights is a great way to burn calories while helping to build strength and tone.2
  4. Myth: You deserve a post work-out reward
    Fact: That rush of energy you feel after completing a workout is like none other. Don’t sully the benefits of your workout—make smart choices in how you refuel. Hydrate with water and consider drinks loaded with electrolytes. Adding a probiotic like up4® can also be beneficial to your daily routine as it supports your digestive health* The end of your workout shouldn’t be the end of the benefits.
  5. Myth: You should be giving 100% all the time
    Fact: “Emptying the tank” may be a satisfying feeling at the end of a run, but finishing your run before complete exhaustion will allow for better recovery and more consistent workouts. It’s also beneficial to diversify your workouts and incorporate rest to keep from overworking your body.3

The goal isn’t to wake up tomorrow and run a marathon. Reaching your fitness goals takes preparation and effective steps to get you there. Keep visualizing and put yourself in a position to succeed.


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