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How Wellness is Unique to Individuals

The information provided herein is for educational purposes only and is not intended to be construed as medical advice or to replace professional medical care. You should always seek the advice of a medical professional before starting any new medication or dietary supplement, as well as when starting new exercise regimens.

When you think of the phrase optimal wellness, what do you think of? A certain diet? A workout regimen? Mental clarity? What if optimal wellness is subjective and means something different for each individual and unique lifestyle?

Each day is filled with choices and decisions: what time we wake up and go to sleep, how we get to work, what we eat, where we find fitness. It’s important to make these choices from an educated place, but to also keep in mind that what is optimal for someone else, might not be optimal for you—your wellness goals are unique to you. Below are five tips that can help you determine and stick to your individual wellness goals.

  • Don’t be afraid to leave your comfort zone. It can be extremely easy to stick with what you know. However, life can be so fulfilling when you’re not afraid to take risks and try something new! Spend a day or week saying “yes” when you normally say “no” (responsibly, obvs) and see where it takes you.
  • Listen and reflect. Hectic lives can lead to hectic minds and the world around us can sometimes get overwhelming. Take a moment to think inwardly and listen to what your mind and body are telling you. Take it a step further and try to understand why you’re having these feelings and determine how you can act on them to better your individual lifestyle.
  • Don’t get discouraged. Two days of a new healthy habit followed by one poor day is a not a failure. Forming new positive habits is just as difficult as breaking old ones. Understand it’s a process and your journey to your wellness goals isn’t going to be like anybody else’s.
  • It’s not just physical. There are multiple aspects to your unique overall wellness, but the physical element sometimes gets all the headlines. When thinking about your optimal wellness, keep the other factors in mind, from mental and emotional to social and occupational and how you can work on each of these elements to reach your individual goals.
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Your doctor or health care professional is best suited to advise you in helping you reach your wellness goals but remember that achieving optimal wellness is a unique part of your story.